TS Bright - Kaiten Comfort

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The duo TS Bright has finally released their debut album. Not only “Kaiten Comfort” is something enthralling and multifaceted, but it’s also an infinite and radical experience. It’ll take time to comprehend and embrace the concepts, thoughts, lines and ideas of this musical “Ulysses,” even though the album is only 24 minutes long.

The word “Kaiten” means "turn of the Heaven's will” and it refers to the type of suicide torpedoes, used by the Imperial Japanese Navy in WWII. Hence the main leitmotif of the album - worshiping the gods of meaninglessness and life in the comfort of the absurd. Using a bunch of various references to everything from T. S. Eliot, social realism and occult spells to arthouse Asian movies of the '90s, stock market crashes and mysterious healing herbs, TS Bright created an up-to-date and immortal hymn to cold freshness of the night.

The opening track “Puns And Quotes” is a neo-art-psychedelic swing that throws you into the guitar web of hesitation, like in “By Lace Of Facts,” and into Walpurgis rock of “The Wild Iris Plain.” Agility with a sprinkle of sadness in the hit song “Come Back Soon” is adjacent to an incredible folk ballad about obstructing the light of happiness. Garage caffeine fuzz and the dusty film magic of “Focused Morning” and “Overrunning Order” foreshadow an exciting surreal country trilogy - “Sunk In Spitting,” “The Same Job,” “Why Did You Cry.” This solid and at the same time such a diverse album must be listened, if you want to feel an exhilarant rush of the new musical view.