The Heavy Eyes - Late Night


On March 26, Tennessee fuzz charmers The Heavy Eyes are returning with their new album “Love Like Machines,” and for now enjoy a biting, killer new single.

David Curington - Happy Party


Manchester, UK, master of avant-garde electronica David Curington introduces us to one of the groundbreaking works from his latest release “Market. Run. Market. Converse. Market.”

Mazeppa - The Way In


The quartet of Israeli psychonauts Mazeppa introduces us to the second single from their debut LP that will be released in the summer of 2020.

Bobby Rausch - My Third Journey Through A Dark Land


“My Third Journey Through A Dark Land” is a noteworthy work from the debut album of Berlin jazz druids Bobby Rausch.

Kinematik - Murur Al-Kiram


The Lebanese post-rock quintet presents the lead single from their second album, which will be released in late February.

PREMIERE: DJ Sedatophobia - Wired


Niek Schokkenbroek aka DJ Sedatophobia, a Dutch electronic music producer and the owner of Compulsive Movement Records, based in Lebanon, presents the title track from his newest LP.

Rantama - Ground Frost Forger

Read full review & listen on Grotesqualizer.

Finnish band Rantama set the mood with their latest mesmerizing single, “Ground Frost Forger.”