John Grdn - Azellus Denis

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A Canadian constructor of intricate electronic music, David Drouin, creating under the name John Grdn, released the engrossing EP “Post-Vintage” with a notable track called “Azellus Denis.”

If Azari & III, Arktau Eos and Squarepusher got together to jam, we would get something like “Azellus Denis.” But John Grdn gathered all the most nourishing in this track by himself with one magical movement. There’s the shades of lo-fi house, a smooth surface of ambient house, Chicago beats with acid attacks, and in a nutshell, all this can be described as somnambulistic rave. As if plunging into the atmosphere of Werner Herzog's “Heart of Glass,” you absorb these hypnotic waves and take off for a charming dancefloor dream.