Pimkus - Indian Tonic

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"Indian Tonic" is a precious, surreal and gourmet tour “inward” for only €1. This is similar to either Alice’s fall, or levitation in Shambhala.

From the very beginning, with the help of the spectacular esoteric tribal groove, Pimkus fills “Indian Tonic” with a strange, dim street shimmer illuminating liveliness and motion of almost visible air particles in barely passable urban cross tunnels. The bass puts the mystical five dots in each bar, as if not understanding where it’s all going, but in fact, bringing us into the very depths of the night stone thicket, closer to the undercurrents. Moving through multiplying silhouettes, we’re approaching 4:37, which is pushing us to the entrance of the hall of mirrors in the whimsical tents. Pimkus has created rather simple but startling pulsation, inspiring to numerous amazing interpretations.