L.M. Brenner - Volley


With this audio curiosity, New York composer Lukas Mathias Brenner reveals the first album for the ensemble L.M. Brenner.

“Volley” is a bewitching sonic delivery where, with the help of several amazing musical choices, a unique wondrous realm appears right in front of you. The sound is like a pleasant frozen surface with a glassy sheen of a distant alien land of ice. At first, the synthesizer shows sprawling forms of extraordinary patterns of hoar frost, and the emerging acoustic guitar gives a strong spacious feel, as if you’re walking through a huge gelid, crystal palace. At 5:00, the music actively exudes flickering sparks, which immediately become still and fall down in bizarre shapes. In spirit, “Volley” is reminiscent of the German ambient pioneers and their unusual, mystical approach, and is by no means just background music. Make sure to check out the full work of L.M. Brenner, “Guitars, Keys, Common Surface Reflections,” here.