Siv Disa - Beat 7


Discover Reykjavik-based US artist Siv Disa through this splendid composition from her freshly released debut album “Dreamhouse.”

“Beat 7” is somnium drone pop that turns out to be an amazing sound art performance. Right from the start, the vibrating, lingering opiate streams of keyboards and other layers grip the attention and lead. Their mesmerizing play is accompanied by the tight drum kit and swaying guitar haze. The music of “Beat 7” has its own unique geometry and it seems to exist in space as a separate organism, guiding an invisible but perceptible act. Along with the instrumentals, Siv Disa’s enchanting vocal delivery transforms the illusory, fantasy shape of the track even more, causing mild chromaesthesia and intensifying the depth of abstract visions. “Beat 7” seems to have been brought from the vastness of the obscure astral plane.