Beauty Queen - Goner

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The debut track “Goner” from the to-be-released EP “Out of Touch” by Beauty Queen is an original and inviting work radiating with many lovely details.

From the very first seconds, all the well-crafted elements of this song, as if breaking the dimension of time, let a light whiff of sea waves freshness in these winter days. The convincing lyrics make those waves a bit darker than usual, but it’s even better. A bedroom pop base of the track gives some sandiness to the sound that trickles through fingers and escapes along with the fade-out effect at the end. The engaging and on point rhythm section works great with the porcelain melodies. A distinctive feature of the song “Goner” is an unusual vocal coloring for this genre and mood, devoid of wistful longing, but full of emotions, character and drive that will get you into dancing.

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