Something Else - Levitation Pt. II

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Something Else transmits guitar indie music in the best form that is known today. Push and rhythm to the rescue.

In the song “Levitation Pt. II,” compact indie rock give its hand to swift dubby post-punk, in which it’s difficult to come up with the chorus more catchy and flawless. A combination of confident vocals and a perfectly carved guitar and rhythm section, without a single superfluous sound or beat, is mellifluous. At 1:57, listen how everything seems to turn into an exciting, ironic chase-revelation. It stumbles, falls and then is born again. If there’s only one song in the world that’s supposed to finish marathon, it’ll be “Levitation Pt. II.” In lyrical sense, the song justifies the name of the album - “An Entire Album About My Ex-Girlfriend,” released on August 22. It’s sincere and relatable.